She had been under a dermatologist care for 6 months (January 2017 – June 2017) when she came to see us for acne extractions. She continued on the list of antibiotics prescribed to her while on vacation and decided they were not helping her at all in fact she felt it was making her acne worse. She started our Acne Program in August (before picture), ditching every failed antibiotic that was given to her 2 weeks before starting Bella Grace Home Spa Acne Treatments.

fter determining her specific type of acne, we customized a plan to attacked her acne on all sides making changes to her diet, lifestyle, homecare regime, makeup, and several other things that were contributing to her acne. She not only knows what caused her acne and was willing to do her part to get clear, buy also learned how to stay clear.

Needing help with your acne?

Brenda Moran is the owner of Bella Grace Home in Colorado Springs, CO. She is a Certified Acne Specialist using the tried and true products and methods of Face Reality, which is known internationally, to help her clients that have suffered with acne for years. She is also an NCEA Esthetician which represents the highest skin care credential available in the United States.

To schedule an appointment for acne or age management contact Brenda at:
Bella Grace Home Spa

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