High Frequency for acne


At Bella Grace Home Spa, we incorporate High Frequency into all our of Acne Facials and depending on what we want to treat, many others as long as there aren’t any contraindications (see below).

What is it?
High Frequency is a very low level electrical current. By this time, most people aren’t sure they want to try this and might be thinking oh my goodness I am going to be shocked and come flying off the table. No, we promise that will never happen in our spa. In fact, it is extremely gentle and because it uses thermal heat and a high rate of oscillation there aren’t any muscular contractions High frequency facials are considered a safe and gentle therapeutic approach to skin rejuvenation.  

What are the benefits?

The Violet (argon) treats acne prone skin.

* It works as a germicidal to kill germs and toxins on the surface
* It gets oxygen to the inside of the pore (where the bacteria is trying to makes the way to the top) and because bacteria can’t live where oxygen is, the life of the pimple is dramactically shortened. We tell the brides we work with that if they get stress breakouts to let us know a couple days before their big day. Most of the time, if they can come in a get a quick zap or two, their breakouts will be almost all gone if not completely.
* It is important to note that the violet electrodes do not in any way, produce harmful UV rays as the light that they emit does not fall within the skin damaging ultraviolet spectrum.
* Shrink enlarged pores
* It helps to quickly heal and restore the skins’ health. 

Orange/Red Electrodes

* Generally used to treat aging skin
* Improves product penetration
* Promotes blood circulation and encourages cellular turnover.
* Encourage lymphatic drainage
* Increases collagen and elastin production
* Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
* Decongest puffy eyes
* Fade dark under eye circles

A Natural Way to Stimulate Hair Growth
For the treatment of thinning hair and to promote healthier scalp conditions, we recommend using the violet electrodes to cleanse the area and rid of follicle blocking bacteria and the orange electrodes to promote blood circulation.


Specific situations in which high frequency may be harmful.
* Jewelry
* Pacemaker
* Metal implants
* Facial Herpes outbreak
* Hypertension
* Pregnancy
* Sunburn
* Infection
* Shingles
* Neuropathy

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