A few months ago I asked my wife to help me take care of my skin, particularly my face.  After all, she’s a highly skilled esthetician and it just makes sense to take advantage of her expertise.  For more than 50 years I used bar soap to wash my face and, well, it showed with my dry skin and dull complexion.  Brenda gave me a few products and patiently taught me how to use them.  Here in my medicine cabinet now stood a small assortment of powders, creams and lotions I never gave a second thought about before.  Questions came to mind, not so much about how to use the products, but how can I use this stuff without checking my man card at the door?  Truth is, the answers came without much difficulty.  You see, I use the best products I can on our home, our car, for exercising, hiking, shooting, and more.  Does it not make sense to use the best products on my face?  And with that question being settled, I gladly took my wife’s advice and started to genuinely take care of my face.  A few months later, and a few months from my 57th birthday, I’m very glad I did.  I might not grace the cover of a magazine but I sure look better today than I did without my new routine.  There you go, men.  Take the step to a more attractive you and begin using the best products and protocols that are designed specifically for your complexion.  It’s never too late! (video)