Acne Facial Treatment Package of 6


Buy a package of 6 Teen Acne Facials and the 7th one is on us!

As a teenager, you think you are going to grow out of your acne (which sometimes happens). And once you hit your twenties, you think that acne will finally be behind you. But many of us find that acne persists into our thirties, forties, and beyond. Confused, we hit department store counters or visit dermatologists, looking for the one product or treatment that will solve our embarrassing acne problem.

Sadly, the products don’t work. They only drain your time and pocketbook. The only result? Disappointment, frustration, even anger. So stop wasting your time and money.

Our acne products are state-of-the-art skin care products containing the highest concentrations of active ingredients you can find without a prescription.

​Your Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist will help you tackle your acne head on, providing strong products with a specific regimen and a balanced approach that’s not overly harsh. In-office treatments speed the process, but most clients find their acne clears up within several months. Pretty soon, you won’t remember the humiliation of having acne anymore.

Treatment Time: 1 hour


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