Dr. esthe enzyme deep clear powder cleanser


Enzyme Deep Clear Powder Wash 50g

Contains papaya and corn starch to remove impurities and dead skin cells for clear skin,  This light powder cleanser with amino acids surfactant base is safe for sensitive skin and leaves skin supple for a long period of time.  [Powder] Great for exfoliating and sebum control for sensitive skin.  [Moist] Slightly acidic oil-free cleanser for smooth and supple skin.  [Corn Starch]  Extracted from albumen of corn kernels, effectively absorbs impurities and removes sebum.  [Papaya Extract]. Great for removing dead skin cells.  This pure, non-toxic natural ingredient leaves skin smooth and hydrated.  [Allantoin] Great for healing skin.  This ingredient provides soothing and relieving sensation to help skin become healthier and softer.  The enzymes work smoothly on skin to remove makeup residues and impurities in pores to help maintain clean skin.  This water-soluble powder gently scrubs the skin and melts away sebum for smooth skin texture.  This mildly acidic cleanser leaves skin comfortable after cleansing and the natural moisturizing factors leave skin supple for a long time.


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