Dr Esthe Goat Milk Program


Dr Esthe Goat Milk Program is a gentle derma peel program that can be used once a week at home.

Ideal for our virtual clients!

Perfect for acne, anti-aging, sensitive skin and those wanting brighter clearer skin.

Goat Milk Peel Derma Special Program : Formulated with goat milk! Enjoy luminous inner skin within 1 minute.

  • 1st Step : Goat Milk(Moisturizing Effect) + AHA, BHA, PHA (Peeling Effect) / Breast milk from goat has the most similar composition to breast milk, a rich natural moisturizer. / 3 Exfoliants : AHA(Soften dead skin) +BHA(Exfoliate oily skin) +PHA(Exfoliate + Moisturize) → Golden Raio of AHA, BHA, PHA, and Goat milk provides the best peeling effect while using the safest formula.
  • 2nd Step : Goat Milk Ampoule – Brighter and clear skin without causing irritation with the ingredients of Centella Extract + Glutathione, Goat Milk! These ingredients help to brighten complexion and moisturize sensitive skin while quickly soothing the skin.
  • No bad ingredients! There is no benzyl alcohol, Dientan Olamine, PEG, Mineral Oil.


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