Dr. esthe rejuvenating ampoule


Rejuvenating Ampoule 30ml

This is a highly concentrated, milky textured ampoule that contains PDRN, which forms glossy aqua barriers to give radiant shine and help skin become healthier and revitalized.  With the key ingredient of PDRN, this ampoule will help skin drench in moisture and maximize rejuvenating effect.  [Propolis extract] Increases skin protection, calms skin from external environment.  [PDRN] As DNA fragments extracted from salmon, it helps to regenerate skin cells and reduce scars.  It is already being used in Europe as part of medicine to renew body tissues such as ligaments, tendons and skin.  And in Korea, it has been used as a special medicine to heal wounds and regenerate tissues after surgery.  [Betaine] Helps to maintain oil – water moisture balance, and prevent wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.  [Glyceryl Stearate] Originated from coconut fruit and soybean oil, it helps to fortify skin barrier and hydrate skin surface.


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