Dr. esthe whitening serum


Whitening Serum 50ml

This high concentration serum of encapsulated liposome retains vitamin C, vitamin complex (A, B3, B5 and E) and glutathione contents.  It forms a fitting-barrier on skin to enhance skin tone and brighten skin.  Vitamin C Whitens skin by suppressing melanin production and prevents skin damage, aging and wrinkles by expediting the formation of collagen layer.  Vitamin Complex The essence containing vitamin complex brightens and moistures skin and antioxidant and hydrating effects.  Glutathione As an active ingredient in injection treatment, it eliminates oxygen free radicals as well as other harmful elements, purifying and revitalizing skin while enhancing skin metabolism and cycle.  Niaciamide  As an MFDS-approved whitening ingredient, Niaciamide has many benefits.  It does not only help make skin clean, but also improves skin tone and suppress melanin transfer by stimulating the microcirculation in the stratum corneum while helping prevent aging by promoting the secretion of collagen.  Licorice Root Extract This natural whitening substance offers a higher whitening effect than most other natural ingredients while offering fewer side effects.  It interferes with the activities of tyrosinase to discourage the synthesis of melanin, helping brighten, soothe, and hydrate skin.


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