Sculplla Repair Cushion Cream


Sculplla H2 Repair Cushion Sunscreen

This exquisite creamy formula in compact (cushion) form helps to minimize visible signs of aging while protecting against both harmful UVA and UVB rays.  It will provide a natural glow throughout the day without feeling heavy or sticky on your face.  It automatically adjusts to any skin color within minutes of application.  It is even great for men!  Can be worn for  light coverage or under your favorite foundation.  The finish is luminous and wears well all day.  The compact makes it easy to reapply should you sweat or wash your face.  It can be used in combination with other sunscreen products but with SPF 50 it is sufficient alone.  Scuppla Cushion repairs your skin with PLLA and 4GF and it contains additional anti-aging benefits.  It’s a SPF/BB you’ll find unmatched by anything else and it’s safe for sensitive and acne prone skin.


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